Thirteenth Geo-Aesthetics Conference

The sensible world cosntitutes  the primordial world -  a world that is alreday there before the emegence of the split between the concept of the corporeal and the concept of the incorporeal. This split bears on the interpretation of what it is to be a human being and presupposes the  existence of a promordail pre-conceptualized realm of sensible world. Inhabiting suh a wolrd constitutes an elemental experience e of being at home. It also provides a basis for an elemental experience of homelesseness. It also  constitutes the  basis that  human bbeings share with  non-human members of the snsible world. In such a world, one undergoes a unique sensorial lived-experience.

We invite abstracts that draw inspiration  form the world of the sensible, that pay attention to it , and that affirm a shared dwelling. Presentations that address being at home or being homeless in the  world of the sensible in any manner of its multiple expressions are welcome.

Please submit an abstract of 200 words  to [email protected]