Analyze your favorite building leaving behind the successes which have already been established by the dominant paradigms within architecture. Instead, through a systematic inquiry into the conditions and consequences of its design, attempt to understand the limitations and validity of these favorites.

Through this process, we will look at questions we often encounter as students and practitioners but are unable, or unwilling, to engage with:

  • where do ideas come from?
  • what does it mean to be creative?
  • why does the word originality exist?
  • and perhaps the most fundamental of them all,
    what is the act of design?

Join us for this three-day residential workshop with Shubhra Raje and Kevin Low in the walled city of Ahmedabad. To encourage a spirit of convivial exchange and discussions over the three days, accommodation and food will be organized by the workshop at the venue and its neighborhood.

The workshop is for students, teachers and practitioners.
The number of participants will be limited to 20.

Registration Fees1

  • Rs. 6,000 for students
  • Rs. 10,000 for professionals/ faculty

Registration Deadline: July 31, 2019
Selected participants will be informed by August 05, 2019.
Contact: Khushru Irani; [email protected] | +91 98608 84645

Shubhra Raje: Shubhra is an architect and educator working in environments that engage diverse issues, multiple constituencies and varying scales, from interior design and architecture to creative urbanism and conservation. Her work is about the possibilities within the constraints of each project, and the weave of relationships that generate those constraints.

Kevin Low: Kevin has taught and worked in the monsoon tropics since graduating from the United States with graduate and postgraduate degrees in architecture, and a minor in art history. His work and writing has been published widely, directed through an understanding that the big idea is less about the search for radical solutions, than about the discovery of radical questions relevant to specific context.

Venue: The Baronet Haveli / Chetna Samvaad.

Chinubhai Baronet’s haveli is an ancestral home which is located in Desai Ni pol. Desai Ni Pol comes under Khadia ward of Ahmedabad city. Desai Ni Pol is a part of old city area of Ahmedabad on east bank of river Sabarmati. Some of the best known people of Ahmedabad have their ancestral havelis in Desai Ni Pol, which are also important architectural specimens. This pol shares a close association with the haveli of Chinubhai Baronet, who had donated his land for Gujarat College and RC Technical College. Ranchodlal Chotalal, the first president of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, also lived here. Founder of Sewa, Ela Bhatt has her ancestral home here. Chinubhai Baronet House is currently known as Chetna Training Center which runs special training programmes and campaign for children and women. (Text from

  • 1. This workshop is planned at cost, with the registration fees charged used towards participants’ stay, meals and the cost of the workshop venue.