The Open Project: Reflections on Obsolescence.

Since the beginning of modernity, the architect's social and cultural context has been increasingly tending towards transformation. This constant change, as well as the acceleration of modernity, means that every building faces a future obsolescence due to the external parameters to which it is subjected; varying programmatic needs, the arrival of new technologies, changes in context as well as the demands of climatic, safety and urban regulations. The architectural project will never be fixed, but is forced to constantly adapt to dynamic and fluctuating circumstances.

Considering these factors, and accepting the need to conceive the project as an open process that can incorporate the indeterminate and unpredictable parameters that will have an impact in the future, Materia Arquitectura # 18 seeks to address the conception of the open project. This project is one that understands the obsolescence of its parts and functions and accepts the possibility of transformation as part of its own nature. Thus, several approaches to the open project are proposed; from the project itself and its possible versatility to the flexibility of those elements and factors that define its existence. We will reflect on how modernity has forced architects to explore new paths, among those, the open project, a concept from which the architect can confront the inevitable obsolescence of the architectural work.


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