At the core of every IndiaNext competition hosted by UltraTech Cement lies the determined endeavour to take up some of the biggest challenges currently facing the country. At the same time, it also understands that the solutions to these challenges are likely to be too huge for one set of professionals to put together. Hence, the initiative creates a collaborative environment and brings together the best of minds to address them. 

Over the past few years, critical areas like smart city planning, skill development, efficient mobility and public transport, water, sanitation and waste management, along with housing for a bursting population have been successfully ventured into. In the last three years, IndiaNext has leveraged the vision and skills of engineers, architects and builders from across the country to design for tomorrow's India.

As it enters Edition 04, IndiaNext, true to tradition, delves right into the heart of a vision that is steadily turning real. India lives in its villages and that is where our future is evolving. The initiative is set to explore the compelling dynamics of development through a reality that cannot or rather, should not be denied anymore. Even before we live the 100 years of freedom between 1947 and 2047, this competition is poised to go beyond preconceptions and prejudices and design Village 2047.