Writer and movie buff Christopher Moloney juxtaposes classic film scenes with their locations as they are today

On Instagram, Christopher Moloney shows us where cinema and the city meet. A writer and cinephile, he juxtaposes scenes from classic films with the places as they exist today. “There’s a cliche that often ‘the location’ is a character in a movie – my favourite films tend to be the movies where that’s true,” he says. “Martin Scorsese and Woody Allen’s early films are very New York. Alexander Payne really loves Nebraska. John Hughes loves Chicago.

“It’s really more about the movies for me. It still puts a smile on my face to see a scene I’ve loved ‘come to life’.”

The execution is striking in its simplicity. “Either I’m watching a movie or television show, recognise a location and print off a picture, or I walk past something that I recognise from a movie and go back later.” Moloney uses the camera on his iPod Touch. “I am not a technical person. Just to show you how long I’ve been doing it – my first photos were done with my Blackberry.”