In a meeting held on Wednesday, the MHCC unanimously decided that considering the uniqueness of the structure, an effort should be made to restore it by repairing rather than going for demolition.

Insensitive usage of the building
Insensitive usage of the building © LHI

The Mumbai Heritage Conservation Committee (MHCC) on Wednesday suggested that a last-ditch effort should be made to preserve Esplanade Mansion at Kala Ghoda, which is more than 150 year-old, by exploring the possibility of repairing it rather than opting for demolition.

This recommendation comes after the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (Mhada) had sought its opinion on the restoration of the UNESCO-recognised heritage structure against the backdrop of an IIT-Bombay report concluding that the building was unsafe.


Committee members said that given that the structure has already been vacated, there is chance now to wait and explore if restoration by repair is possible.