What we have are cities which are overcrowded and hardly smart!

.... When evaluating it in Indian perspective, it is observed that major problems of urbanisation in this nation are migration, overcrowding, housing, unemployment, transport, water, and the problem of urban pollution.

The government, in fact, acknowledges the gravity of the situation. The government has come up with ambitious targets to provide housing for all by 2022. There are multiple schemes and projects that aim at upgrading transport, sewage and drainage system across India. The support of technology is being sought to build “smart cities” with better-managed traffic, waste and other urban systems. However, the out-of-control growth of New Delhi catapults the set targets beyond reach. Since 2005, New Delhi has added an exponential 10 million to its population. Now it is no secret that one of the major contributors among the other complex ones for increased pollution is increased population. More people require more resources, which means that as population increases infrastructure and transport increases in correlation.