Over time, however, successive and limited renovations inside the building have cost it its coherence, shattering and complicating its organization. Currently challenged by the important transformations the profession is meeting, this historical building does not seem to fit neither modern methods of work nor the needs of the ‘notaires’.  

The Chamber’s members have thus now decided to undertake an overall renovation of the edifice. They chose to organize an architectural competition to select the architecture firm to entrust with this priceless part of their history.  

Beyond simply updating the building, the competition demand to deeply redesign it. The project invites to reflect on tomorrow’s methods of work and the opening to the public of the profession of ‘notaires’. Indeed, the Chamber’s members would like to transform the building into a place of innovation, exchanges and interactions with the public. Their final ambition is for the ‘Chambre des notaires de Paris’ to embody the future of this profession.  

At the same time, they also want to retain the building’s historical dimension and heritage in which lies all its value – such as the facade, the antique rooms or the grand stone staircase. The renovation of the Chamber represents a perfect opportunity to enhance this legacy.  

The whole challenge of this competition will therefore be to find the right balance between building the Chamber for the future and imperatively respecting the historical legacy of this building. Get all information about the competition on the official website:  https://competition.bam.archi/chambre-des-notaires  

PURPOSE OF THE COMPETITION: Project for the transformation of the Chambre des Notaires de Paris - 12 Avenue Victoria, 75001 Paris

PROGRAM AREAS: Approximately 3400 m² to be renovated. The surface areas may vary depending on proposals.