They utilized heavy machinery apparently to construct a parking lot as a way of collecting parking fees from visitors

Arab residents of the village of Nabi Samuel have broken into an archaeological garden and used heavy machinery to pave a large plot as a first step in the construction of a parking lot. The move comes in violation of the Oslo Accords as well as other laws. The archaeological garden — and the illegal parking lot — is situated adjacent to Har Shmuel and Givat Ze’ev, near the Jerusalem neighborhood of Ramot.

The Tomb of the Prophet Samuel, adjacent to the site, is considered a holy site by all three major faiths. Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims, archaeologists, historians, and tourists visit the site each year, to pray, to learn, and to enjoy the panoramic view of Jerusalem. The area was declared a national heritage site and the rich archaeological remains, dating back to the Second Temple era, as well as the ancient oak trees that cover the hilltop, are all protected by National Park status.

The area is under full Israeli jurisdiction (Area C) and offers a commanding panoramic view of Jerusalem, having served as a major artillery base for the Jordanian bombardment of Jerusalem. 

The archaeological finds at the site bear witness to Jewish settlement from the First Temple period through the Hasmonean Era, up to modern times.