Why? Because Leonardo, in his tumultuous creativity, represents, together with a few other artists, a level of excellence that carries all of us on its wings. Such level of excellence makes us hope, perhaps hope that maybe, maybe, between men and gods might not be, after all, such a great distance... Hope that perhaps all of us might have hidden capacities, unexplored, but worth exploring.

This very complex man, far from being an optimist, pushes us forwards, through his magnificent oeuvre.

How could one draw as Leonardo did? How could one be so clinical, scientifically speaking, and at the same time so elusively "artistic," that is, sensitive?

Leonardo inspires, he continues to inspire, his work is a quintessence and a paradigm. Indeed, through him, and very few others, we are propelled towards a horizon of hope and possibilities, although, again, his vision of life, as expressed in his work, is not really joyous. Or not in a superficial way so.

So how would A HOUSE FOR LEONARDO look like? Would it be a castle, would it be a fortress, would it be a modest chamber, would it be an opened grave from which its inhabitant just flew, far, far away?

Would it be indifferent to conveniences? Would it have solar panels on the roof? Would it be "smart ?" How would it be? Would it be within a city, or far away from human activity? That is, would it be urban, or rural? First, would it be on earth?

We ask you to celebrate human greatness at its best in the most unconventional way. Design, put it simply, a house Leonardo himself, if he would have lived today, would have liked. Even if he didn't live today, actually. But, to tell the truth, he is very much alive. He always was and he will always be. This is the power of art! Please send us your work by May 2nd, when, again, there will be exactly 500 years since he died. The next such occasion would only be in 2.519.

Please register before the deadline in order to receive a registration number with which to anonymously identify your work. Please use format A0, as many sheets as you want, vertically oriented (portrait). If you have any questions, please be kind and let us know.

Thank you,
ICARCH Gallery