The relationship between water and culture is a vast societal challenge that dissolves discipline, time, and place, requiring a unified and nuanced response. The digitally-assisted and augmented environmental humanities has a growing role in a globally-informed Irish response to living in aquatic cultures at a time of complexity, working at the joining of disciplines such as digital humanities, geography, history, literature, philosophy and the performing arts.

Aquatic Cultures and the Digital Environmental Humanities (ACDEH) is a confluence of scholars and stakeholders working at the intersection of digital methodologies, water studies and environmental scholarship and coming together to talk, to learn from each other, and to shape a community of actors pooling resources for Ireland.

The overall aim of this two-day Irish Research Council-funded knowledge exchange for impact collaboration is to bring together projects and scholars expert in diverse but complimentary disciplinary approaches to studying water and aquatic culture through a combination of the digital and environmental humanities. The event will be hosted at the Trinity Long Room Hub Arts and Humanities Research Institute at Trinity College Dublin, and will bring together the leaders of the rich digital humanities and environmental humanities research in Ireland by merging accumulated disciplinary knowledge.