ALLABANUEL is the palindrome of L’e’ Una Balla” [It’s Bullshit] used for Monte Amarillo’s district designed by the master of irony, Piero Portaluppi, after winning the regulatory plan of Milan in the 1920s. To criticize the standardization and alienating answers to the modern city, the project tackles the paradoxes of his time together with other ironic projects from Hellytown to colossal skyscraper SKNE, pronounced Scappane [Get away from it].

Play and irony are tools with which the architect face the aesthetic upheavals of this time, especially concerning the ethical claims of the regionalism, prefabrication, parametricism, and environmentalism which aim at changing the world through the new architecture and the new city. With a joke that induces the critics to the haunting architects, together with the clients and the public in general, to focus on following the flow rather than on creating something meaningful and new.

STUDIO#16 is tired of the fetishism of the graphics, the pornographic appreciation of minimalistic wax models, of critical words sustainability, concept, and identity used with empty minds with a conscious or unconscious strategy to be acclaimed by same empty minded people.

#16 – ALLABANUEL wants to find the characteristics of the patinate architecture, that drives many professional and public away from the good the design. Wants to distinguish the empty words and concept from the critical ones, to re-establish, rediscover or create a line of thoughts that both loose haughtiness and can re-excite people toward architecture.

Which are the ALLABANUEL nonsensical practices, passed for groundbreaking innovations? Which are the ALLABANUEL empty messages that push away people from design? Which are the ALLABANUEL waste of time that architects have to pursue to see their design realized? Which are the ALLABANUEL established practiced strategies, which shape ALLABANUEL values of architects to be.