This is the first exhibition to focus specifically on the role of drawing in the life and work of the Italian-born Brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi (1914-92). It invites visitors to discover the broad output of one of the most outstanding Modernist architects.

Bo Bardi (1914-92) was driven by the concerns of people, ethics, simplicity and modesty – principles she also shared with Joan Miró́. With a selection of 100 drawings, Lina Bo Bardi Drawing traces every stage of her multifaceted career. It demonstrates how this medium was for Bo Bardi more than a mere tool for designing but also a vehicle for her mind’s explorations and a language.

Curated by Zeuler Rocha Lima - architect, artist, researcher, and international expert on Bo Bardi - Lina Bo Bardi Drawing highlights the career of a major architect who merged aesthetic aspirations with ethical concerns.