With a view to implementing the meeting spirit for the work of mass organizations by the CPC Central Committee and Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, and building “schools and paradises” for the workers where they can enrich knowledge, cultivate talents and enjoy cultural activities, Bao’an District Government has put it high on the agenda to build a cultural palace for workers (the working people) with national reputation and world-class standards in Bao’an Center.  The cultural palace is expected to offer multiple services including guidance and assistance, legal aid, entrepreneurship, education & training, psychological consulting and rich cultural & sports activities, etc., and unified design and construction will be conducted for the two projects (namely “Bao’an Workers’ Cultural Palace” and “the N6 park”).

In order to speed up the construction of Bao’an Workers’ Cultural Palace, Shenzhen Bao’an District Federation of Trade Unions is organizing this International Design Competition for Bao’an Workers’ Cultural Palace and the N6 Park of Bao’an Center, aiming to seek world-class design teams with excellent design schemes.

Design teams that are interested in this bidding could visit the official website of Bao’an Branch, Shenzhen Construction Engineering Trade Service Center (www.bajsjy.com) to acquire the Prequalification Document and apply for this competition accordingly. The registration deadline will be subject to the time announced in this website. Relevant materials can be inquired by sending email to [email protected]