Under the global value of walkability that the Seoul City has spearheaded, major streets in the city are connected across mountains, rivers and tourist landmarks through walking: Seoul City Wall Trail, Gwangwhamun renovation plan, Seoullo 7017 Skypark, Seun City Walk and Seoul Trail.

This contest is to increase public accessability to the Nodeul Island upon its 2019 opening. As the current access via Hangang Bridge incurs pedestrian exposure to risks such as vehicle emissions, noise, cold and heat, the objective is to create a new “pedestrian-friendly Seoul street” where people can walk in harmony with the environment.

In 1917, the Hangang Bridge had originally been constructed as a footbridge before it was expended to a eight-lane road bridge over the course of industrialization. Therefore, the contest aims to build a innovative pedestrian-only overpass to coexist with the existing bridge.

2. Subject and Range of Design
The range of design comprises two zones at large.

Zone 1: extends from the Nodeul Island pedestrian overpass under construction to the space in between arches of the Hangang Bridge to Noryangjin North Overpass;
Zone 2: encompasses Noryangjin North Overpass and surrounding areas. The design should represent characteristics of each section and ensure structural safety.

Competition Notification: Fri. May. 3rd. 2019 – Will be posted on the website
Registration: Fri. May. 3rd. 2019 ~ Tue. June. 25th. 2019 (by 17:00) (Will be posted on the website)
Submission of Entries: The entrants should do both on-site and on-line submission.
On-site: Tue. July. 2nd. 2019 10:00 ~ 17:00 due
On-line: Wed. June. 26th. 2019 ~ Tue. July. 2nd. 2019 (by 17:00)