"We researched on how the Afghans are living in Pakistan. Apparently we are the best host country," said the curator.

Canadian journalist and author Doug Saunders’ book Arrival City became the chief inspiration for the German Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale in 2016.

The book talks about the 20 cities of the world that Mr Saunders went to and then recorded his impressions on the impact of the rural-urban migration that took place in those cities. An exhibition with the same title, Arrival City, and its Pakistani theme ‘Seeking Home — The Afghan Narrative’ with special reference to the Afghan refugees in Pakistan opened at Commune Artist Colony on Saturday.

Talking to Dawn, the curator of Seeking Home, Marvi Mazhar, said the exhibition focused on the Afghans living in Karachi in particular and Pakistan in general. “We researched on how the Afghans are living in Pakistan. We don’t have a refugee act to date. [But] apparently we are the best host country in the scenario,” she said.


The exhibition –– followed by a symposium and participated by Danial Shah, Salman Alam, Zehra Nawab, Sophie Wolfrum, Jochen Becker, Joachim Baur, Sameer Nizamuddin, Zia-ur-Rehman, Hafsa Ghani and Fariha Kidwai –– is organised by the Goethe Institut and Deutsches Architekurmuseum. It will conclude on June 23.