11th Annual Symposium of Architectural Research in Finland

Researchers, students and practitioners, with diverse backgrounds, are kindly invited to join the event and submit papers related to this year’s theme: Architecture and City as a Home. Participation without a presentation or a paper submission is also possible. Languages of the symposium are English, Finnish, and Swedish. 

Paper deadline is after the conference (30th Nov) (5000 – 8000 words). The submitted manuscripts will be reviewed by selected reviewers in a double-blind process. Manuscripts accepted in the review process will be published in the online journal Architectural Research in Finland (ARF) using the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies’ Open Journal System (OJS) publishing platform.

The deadline for the submission of abstracts is 18 April 2019.Abstracts should have 300 words maximum and include a title, a brief description of the proposed work, methods and discussion, and keywords to identify the area of research. Please entitle the document ‘Abstract AuthorSurname’ and use MS Word or some other editable format. 

Please submit your abstract via email to [email protected] 
ATUT 2019 web pages are at www.atut.fi