This project will continue the efforts to write women into architectural history, this time via video.

We seek to have the subjects of these 1-minute films be about women architects, defined expansively.

These are women who were educated as architects, or educate others to become architects. Women from wide and diverse practices, demonstrating the myriad ways women trained as architects have participated and continue to participate in the built environment and design related fields. 

For example, these could be women who spent their careers at large or mid-sized or small firms, in City Planning departments, as sole practitioners, as educators, historians, as landscape designers, as well as those who go on into other design-related industries such as interiors, exhibition design, film, production design, art installations, gaming, fashion, to name but a few. 

This project seeks to demonstrate that women have been vital to the practice of architecture for decades, while radically under recognized. This project works with other global efforts to change that!

What about this architect's work has inspired / impacted / influenced you or you learned from?

Each of the finished films will be reviewed by an esteemed jury of architects, design professionals and industry leaders. 

A selection of the films will be publicly screened during New York City’s Archtober month-long focus on architecture and will be available online once they have screened.


1. Each film is to be between 1 to 2 minutes long 

2. Opening and closing credits including required citations, may be up to an additional 10 seconds in total 

3. We encourage original content and in-person interviews whenever possible as well as the use of public domain images and music. Please see the following for more ideas:

4. Films may be in any language, non-English audio or on-screen text, must have English subtitles

5. All submissions are due by June 7th 8pm EST, including sending a downloadable link to [email protected] that includes the short film and two (2) still images from the film.