A two-day workshop focusing on introducing the innovative discipline of Architectural Technology to India.

Architectural Technology is a creative, innovative design discipline rooted in science and engineering which forms the link between design and realisation. It is concerned with the anatomy and physiology of a building or structure, how it is assembled and how it performs through form, function and fabric. 

Architectural Technology professionals understand how materials and components behave and interact, which is critical to avoiding premature building failure and ensuring quality standards of design and construction.

The event will include presentations from UK-based, Irish and Danish educational establishments that offer CIAT Accredited Architectural Technology degrees, Architectural Technology practitioners and graduates from CIAT-Accredited programmes who are now working in practice. 

DAY 1 – Introducing Architectural Technology as a professional discipline in India

9.30-10.00: Registration

10.00-10.30: Welcome, Dr M.P Poonia, Vice-Chairman of AICTE and Vijay Garg – President of Council of Architecture in India
10.30-10.50: Introduction to CIAT and Architectural Technology in practice, Alex Naraian – President of CIAT
10.50-11.10: The need for AT education to meet needs of industry, Dr Jaffer AA Khan

11.10-11.40: Break

11.45-12.05: International/Middle East perspectives of AT and the needs for ATs, Joe Healey MCIAT 
12.05-12.25: Architectural Technology in practice as an important profession in the built environment, Deependra Prashad
12.25-12.45: aspirATion presentation, William Holland MCIAT and Jamie Yorkston MCIAT

12.45-13.55: Lunch

14.00-14.20: Experience as an employee/graduate in practice, Jamie Yorkston MCIAT
14.20-14.40: AT in practice, Justin Kelly MCIAT, Chartered Architectural Technologist & Architect
14.40-15.00- Design research, practice in Architecture and Technology, Sushant Verma
15.00-15.40: Plenary discussions, Chaired by Alex Naraian PCIAT

15.40-16.10: Closing remarks, Alex Naraian PCIAT
16.10: Refreshments and networking

DAY 2 – Introducing Architectural Technology as an academic discipline in India

9.30-10.00: Registration

10.00-10.30: Welcome, Dr M.P Poonia, Vice-Chairman of AICTE, Vijay Garg, President of COA & Alex Naraian PCIAT
10.30-11.00: Introduction to CIAT & Architectural Technology and Education in India & need for AT education to meet needs of industry, Dr Jaffer AA Khan

11-11.30: Break

11.35-11.55: AT academia and in practice, Paul Newman PPSAAT PPBIAT MCIAT, Nottingham Trent University
11.55-12:15: Technological Domain – Paradigm Shift in Students’ Approaches to Learning in Architectural Design, Prof. Ashok Ganapathy Iyer, Manipal Academy of Higher Education

12:15-12.35: Experience of Accreditation process and collaborations, Roger Taylor MCIAT, VIA University College
12.35-12.55: Experience of Accreditation process and collaborations, Gordon Chisholm MCIAT, Waterford Institute of Technology

12.55-14.05: Lunch

14.10-14.30: Experience as an employee/graduate in practice. William Holland MCIAT
14.30-14.50: Experience of Accreditation process – Honours and MSc- and Centre of Excellence, Dr Boris Ceranic MCIAT, University of Derby
14.50-15.50: Plenary session, Chaired by Dr Jaffer Khan

15.50-16.10: Closing remarks Alex Naraian PCIAT & Dr Jaffer AA Khan
16.10 – Refreshments and networking

This event is supported by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and Council of Architecture (COA).