Recently, a two-month exhibition opened at Makerere Art Gallery called African Modernism: The Architecture of Independence. The exhibition, which focused on modernist buildings in Kampala, was aimed at shedding light on the importance of some of Uganda’s architectural landmarks. According to architect Doreen Adengo, who co-curated the exhibition, the initiative sought to view architecture as an art and secure the future of these 

Adengo says: “We hope to bring awareness to the importance of these buildings so that they can be protected. Passing a historical building act, for instance, which currently does not exist, would be a great move in the right direction. Secondly, as Ugandans, we need to understand our history by knowing the stories of the buildings and the time when they were built. Modernist buildings are an important part of our heritage.”

The exhibition was curated by Manuel Harz, a German architect. Artistic photographs of these historic buildings were displayed alongside their stories and histories.