How can a working vessel help reshape the relationship between life, land and water? - A two week workshop with Arijit Chatterjee and Asha Sumra

Within saturated landscapes we are frequently fighting to preserve land, but what if we consider the waters as inhabited space? This workshop seeks to understand and design floating structures that contain, explore and reveal space. Working with, rather than against the forces of the waters, such infrastructure can help us to better live in balance with water-dominated territories.

Through examples, participants will be introduced to the theoretical, technical and poetic ground for inhabiting the waters. The Puppet Theatre Barge (UK), La peniche Louise-Catherine(France), Embarcación Amereida and Floating Workshop(Chilean Patagonia) will be traced as projects intrinsically linked to their respective waterscapes. This will lead to the design of prototypes for a floating workshop to explore the Bengal Delta. These designs will be tested as buoyant ideas, navigable vessels, pieces of architecture and tools to discover the varied ecologies of the Delta. In exploring the nature of the Delta, the workshop is a microcosm of the voyage the vessel may one day take.

Marina Tabassum’s students and faculty of MsC 2 Design Studio of “Global Housing” from TU Delft, Netherlands will also join in the program in different capacities.

  • Eligibility: Anyone from any discipline with a minimum bachelor’s degree or a final year undergraduate studentship.
  • Dates and Time: : 22nd April – 2nd May. Two weeks program with 8 days of activities. Generally 4 days a week from 17:30 to 19:30. [Schedule].
  • Place: Daily Star-Bengal Arts Precinct, Karwan Bazar, near Farmgate [Map]
  • Fees: Application Charge: 300 BDT (~$3.5 USD), non-refundable, for new applicants only.

Subscription Charge: 8,000 BDT (~$95 USD) payable after your application gets selected.