Exhibition and one-day symposium associated with Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2019.

The project is framed by the confrontation between rationality and efficiency related to virtual technologies applied to the architectural design process. The experience of the architectural space and the state of contemplation and delight of the architectonic exercise will have a digital materialization. In the beginning of the 21st century, ISTAR (at that time known as ADETTI) was one of the pioneer research labs in the world to use Mixed Reality Technologies and Tangible Interfaces to develop conceptual design in Urban Design and Architecture Conceptual Design12. Almost twenty years later, we have witnessed a rapidly growing virtual reality industry from a variety of fields (games, construction, education, healthcare, animation, filmmaking, art, computer science) to become key innovators in designing immersive experiences. However, virtual reality as an aesthetic medium is still something relatively new. Although the technological side of virtual reality has evolved rapidly, the aesthetic side of the medium has remained in a nascent stage. The event will explore the ways in which virtual reality technologies can enable designers to expand their creative process.

Work may be submitted in two categories: 1. Short Papers / Work-In-Progress Papers (2,000 words) for the symposium; 2. Projects for the Exhibition. The papers should include: 1. Introduction; 2. Literature review; 3. Methods (if appropriate); 4. Findings; 5. Discussion and Conclusion; 6. References. Paper length: 2,000 words with 3-4 images. max. 5 pages. Projects submissions should include 500 words description and 3-4 images. This is a blind and peer reviewed call. Paper and projects submissions should not contain information that identifies the authors, their institutions, or their places of work. Send your submissions to: [email protected] All work presented and exhibited will be published in a catalog and in a publication.

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