Pitt praised the Pritzker Prize-winning architect at a planning consultation for Zumthor's LACMA project organised by the County of Los Angeles Board of Supervisors.

"There's no way to understand his work from a computer-generated image," said Pitt in defense of the project. "You really have to stand in them to see his mastery of light and shadow."


Pitt championed Zumthor as a guest speaker at the meeting, which was held to certify the Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) for the architect's scheme.

LA's board of supervisors also confirmed it will contribute $117.5 million (£89.56 million) towards the cost of the project, which is estimated to cost $560million (£428.7 million) in total.

Celebrity Diane Keaton and museum trustees also defended Zumthor's design at the hearing. The meeting was broadcast live, and logged in a Twitter thread by Curbed's Alissa Walker.