Call for Aplications, invited by Khoj International Artists' Association

Khoj invites proposals for a year-long socially-engaged art project in India that addresses cultural norms and narratives around gender and stereotypes around racial and ethnic others. The art project must seek to be a catalyst of social change or the medium of an unprecedented conversation. The artistic process is important and the entire project should be documented to understand the impact of artistic interventions for the creation of an archive, which will serve as a valuable source of reference for future work in the field. Through artist led interventions, Khoj hopes to effect cultural shifts to counter gender and race based injustices and address issues around urbanisation in these local contexts.

This project focuses on demonstrating the value of art-based interventions and creative strategies for social change. It also aims to understand if artists can find ways to embed artistic practices into conventional civil society organisations to effectively reach out to the marginalised groups in peri-urban areas and urban villages in India.