The 2019 BIM Competition asks applicants to work on a mythic site: the district of the Pyramids. Candidates will have to deliver a digital model of a socio-cultural center. 

The 4th edition raises more strongly than before the question of the urban and the social context: what kind of architecture for which site? Which programmatic proposal for which district? What proposition for accompanying the renovation of a “housing development”?

Results have been delivered in July 1972 by the Prefect Doublet : Michel Andrault and Pierre Parat were the winners. The purpose of the competition was the design and construction of 7000 housing units and their accompanying equipment. The program stated that the main judgement criteria were the architectural quality and innovation. Equipment and particularly scholar equipment had to be present in the living condition of the neighborhood for the future 25 000 inhabitants. 

Within the limits of the intervention site, the candidates will have to imagine a socio-cultural space. You will focus on the central setting up of this building in the heart of these islets of high-density housing, particularly in working on the transitional spaces, the internal/external links and the public/private links.

The jury will evaluate the quality of architectural proposal but also the relevance of the applicant's BIM method.

The total amount of prizes is 17,500€ distributed as follows: 1st prize: 10,000€, 2nd prize: 5,000€ and 3rd prize: 2,500€.

You have until September 1st, 2019 to make your submission and until June 30th, 2019 to subscribe.

The construction of the Pyramids is the result of a competition called “Promotion – Conception” launched in May 1971.