In this article, we examine Atta Akyea and the Mahama led administration role in this scandal and who we should hold accountable for [the] mess

In the wake of the Saglemi Housing Project fiasco, there have been accusations by Samuel Atta Akyea and counter-accusations by former Mahama Administration appointees about who should be blamed. 

Samson Ahi described Atta Akyea as being uninformed whilst others call for the Sector Minister to be sacked. The two disagreement centres on the amount Parliament approved for the project. One claims the amount was $200million and the other said it was $280million. What is more important? - the gross mismanagement and misappropriation of the allocated funds or the total amount? They cannot even remember and agree on the figure they both debated and approved in Parliament for the project to commerce. 

Do these not bring into question their fitness and competencies to run capital projects? Why should such major projects be run by only politicians as Ministers appointed by leaders and men whose strength may not lie in those specific areas when Ghana has men and women with experience across the globe? Why should Housing be necessarily a political issue? With the furore of bad publicity on Housing in the media, one wonders what is going on in the Ministry of Works and Housing.