Shelter For Soul International Design & Installation Competition

The Korean Institute of Architects (KIA) is pleased to announce the Shelter for Soul campaign and Shelter for Soul International Design & Installation Competition.

The main goal of this competition is to provide an opportunity for the public and students to understand the situation of the less-cared individual in our societies and to interact with those who are concerned with people desperately seeking a ‘shelter’ for oneself.

“Everybody wants, rich or poor, not only a warm dry room, but a shelter for the soul.”

This is Samuel Mockbee’s legacy. Under the motivation of helping the less-cared in contemporary societies throughout the world, this Competition aims at exploring design and interpretations about the concept of ‘shelter’. As a shelter generally refers to an emergency gathering place for the victims of disasters, we ask our applicants to go further in their understanding, towards emotional comfort, and beyond simple physical function.