Jeonju, one of the largest cities in the southwest of the Korean peninsula, has long been enriched by the Korean traditions and cultural practices alive in its old historic buildings such as that of the Hanok Village, the Pungnam Gate, the Jeondong Catholic Cathedral, among others. At present, the city of Jeonju intends to become the most Korean-style city representative of contemporary culture, while also preserving the traditional cultural heritage of South Korea and the rich natural environment surrounding the city in a sustainable manner. Accordingly, the overarching theme of this competition is the revitalization of the Jeonju Station area into a prosperous civic cultural space of the kind that will come to characterize the traditional city of the future. Participants are asked to extend and improve Jeonju Station and its neighbouring facilities, so that the new Jeonju Station can become the first epicenter for the cultivation of local culture and rich environmental experiences.

The intended outcome of this competition is to build a new Jeonju railway station complex while conserving and extending the major existing building(s) on the site. Suggested building ideas will increase the regional values and cultural aesthetic of the city. The new station must represent a future direction and vision for contemporary Korean architecture, attentive to the existing urban contexts and current conditions of its surroundings.

Project Outline: 

  • Location : 680, Dongbu-daero, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju-si, Republic of Korea; 
  • Site Area : 68,877m2;
  • Design Scope : A railway station building (gross floor area of 3,300 m²) connected with the existing station, car park (385 lots at the least) integrated with commercial amenities, connecting circulation networks, traffic system facilities, a public square;
  • Construction Cost (Estimated): KRW 34,000 million (including overhead expenses and VAT);
  • Design Fee (Estimated): KRW 2,093 million (including VAT and BIM design fee, excluding electrical and communication design).