In exhibitions at Vincent Price Art Museum and the Orange County Museum of Art, York Chang explores “fake news” as the foundation of mass media.

York Chang wants to know how we invent truth. In two solo exhibitions — The Signal and the Noise at the Vincent Price Art Museum and To Be Wrong With Infinite Precision at OCMA Expand — he disassembles the many layers of information that weave together political narratives.


The two shows have wildly different presentations, which demonstrates the wide range within which truth can be investigated. To Be Wrong With Infinite Precision is presented in a traditional institutional setting. Most of the works are framed and separated into small themed rooms. In contrast, The Signal and the Noise is a one-gallery installation that is a chaotic mess of prints, with a radio set to mid-frequencies broadcasting almost incoherent talk shows and a piece made to resemble a balcony that’s crashed to the floor. To Be Wrong dwells on the ways misinformation is constructed and packaged as fact, while Signalillustrates the excess of news, both real and fake, that overloads our senses.