All was to allow free flow of basement with the surrounding.

Sad is that the redevelopment design is by a past CEPT Professor1
  • 1. In an email response to the Ahmedabad Mirror, the Campus Office, CEPT University, said, "This clarificatory message is being posted because there seems to be some concern and alarm regarding ongoing works on the North Lawns at CEPT University. The North Lawn mound is being shifted 10 feet to the North and will be reconstructed in its old form, which was accurately measured before works began. The shift was extensively deliberated upon and found necessary for the following reasons. First, to provide adequate and meaningful access to the new Common Foundation Program building and the 450-person Lecture Hall, both of which are under construction in north-west corner of the campus. Second, to make the North Gate entrance accessible by wheelchairs by providing a ramp along with the existing steps. Third, to improve the approach to the campus by removing the unsightly water tank and pump shed and widening the approach steps."

    Source: Ahmedabad Mirror
© Tosha Parmar, via Suresh Patel
The  North lawns right up to line Admin Entance to to North-End (where the canteen used to be) was a Brick kiln used for making Bricks (1947-50) for Ahmedabad Educaton Society campus colleges. The Fist bay, now called Sagara basement and the third bay were the kiln pits (long continuous kiln type). The stair or mid bay was the kiln mid section. The residual bricks were used for wall foundation BBCC. The top soil - useless for brick making was lying at the north end. The excavated and excess soil was deposited and dressed to form sloped mounds or lawns. [comment by Gautam Shah]