While designing the world’s tallest statue, it seems like officials forgot to account for the monsoons.

On June 29, the viewing gallery of the world’s tallest statue, which reaches a height of 500 ft, was overflowing with rainwater, as puddles covered the floor and rain dripped off the roof. ... Statue of Unity’s official Twitter handle put out a statement saying that while high-velocity winds brought rainwater into the viewing gallery,1 this area had to be necessarily designed in this way to ensure a better view of the surrounding Sarovar dam for tourists. But turns out, the best view visitors probably got was of stagnating rainwater.

  • 1. Narmada Collector IK Patel, who is also the chief administrator for the statue, said it was "natural" for water to seep inside the viewing gallery, adding that there was a channel to drain out excess water.
    "The viewing gallery is open with grills on the chest of the statue. The rear side of the gallery is covered by glass. The front view is open as per design. So it is natural that water will enter when it rains," he said.
    "There is a channel to dispose of rain water. But when the wind speed is more, lots of water comes in and house-keeping personnel continuously drain it out. It is not leakage as is being claimed," Mr Patel added.
    Source: NDTV