How the uncontrolled and uniformed need for urbanisation and creation of urban-similar environments in far-flung and complete non-urban precincts is taking over and systematically destroying places that are intrinsically more environmentally oriented than cities. The Provision of Urban Amenities is Rural Area (and a whole ministry dedicated to it) seems to be getting stuff completely wrong if pictures like this are any indication.

© Henri A Fanthome

As a country and a Government we have, historically I may add here, completely missed the point or nature of development itself. Those hideous benches in orange say it loud and clear. Development is NOT having what the developed have. It is having what you need to be better and an improved quality of life. I don’t see that. Our villages are becoming horrible misadventures of attempts to be little cities.

IT IS NOT WORKING. But the big ticket project and big money nature of development work seems to care little. Also I see no trees in these picture. That is a bit scary.