It must be addressed in different tone and different style … not in the usual way like COA writing a lengthy letters all these years quoting the legal provisions. It would be better and necessary for the CoA to respond to the issue first to the Government as follows …: 

“With reference to the advertisement … dated … published by … …, being a National important 'State of Art' Project, the Council of Architecture would like to place the following suggestions before the Government for its fair consideration and appropriate decisions: 

  1. Such a Project of High Profile Public Building is necessarily to be executed on the basis of 'BEST DESIGN SOLUTION AND CONCEPT' than on the low bid-price as now called for.
  2. It would be appropriate and better for calling ‘Architectural Competitions’ from Architects in order to select ‘Best Creation of Design Solution among the Designs submitted by Learned Architects. Highly Transparent Procedures are already prescribed by the Council of Architecture for fair conduction of such Competitions.  
  3. When it is said Architectural Services, it means Comprehensive Services inclusive of all engineering aspects to the extent as required thereof to the Design submitted. 
  4. Fees in Percentage has to be constant as prescribed by the Statutory Council of Architecture as in the case of fixed Salary appointing various persons for Government Services and therefore, selection of Architect shall be purely based on the delivery of Best Design Solution.

The Council of Architecture is at the call of the Government in achieving best ‘State of Art’ Design Solution for the Parliament House and Central Secretariat Complex. The Council looks forward to your Hon’ble Office to intervene into the matter and take the decision appropriately as suggested hereabove …”

If the Government fails and not abiding to these suggestions, then it can be raised before the Supreme Court with FULL VIGOUR on this matter. Since it is a high profile matter, if we are able to achieve, then it would be a MILE-STONE, a GREAT ACHIEVEMENT to the betterment of Profession of Architecture in INDIA.