Following coronavirus class suspensions a survey of SCAD students finds that 97% deem their online classes insufficient

At Boston University—where tuition costs more than $27,000 for full-time students enrolled in the 2019-2020 academic term—visual art students in the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) programme are one of several groups on campus who have been working to negotiate a refund. This week, they were told that the university president “will not grant our request”, according to a statement forwarded to The Art Newspaper

Indeed, a letter containing the signatures of more than 80% of students in the programme was rebuked by school representatives last month. “It is in the opinion of the school that, despite not having studios or workshops, our Zoom meetings mean we are still receiving a studio education,” the student organisers say. 

They argue that the education being offered “is not transposable to the programming we originally enrolled in—especially in such a short period of time—and students in our last semester have lost critical opportunities, such as final reviews of our cumulative work and thesis exhibitions”.