Sub: Introduction of New Course / Extension of Approval / Increase in Intake in the B.Architecture Programme by AICTE from 2004-05 onwards – Regarding.

The All India Council for Technical Education has terminated the memorandum of understanding (MOU) entered between All India Council for Technical Education and Council of Architecture, pursuant to the decision taken in the. Forty seventh meeting of the Executive Committee of AICTE held on November 24, 2003.

All the functions regarding establishment of New Technical Institution / Extension of Approval / Increase in Intake and accreditation shall be accomplished by AICTE henceforth.

In view of the above all technical institutions imparting Architecture programme approved by AICTE are hereby informed the following :

1. All institutions due for Extension of Approval / Increase in Intake in the B.Architecture programme from the year 2004-05 onwards have to apply to AICTE only. Incase the institution has already submitted application form / demand draft in this regard to Council of Architecture for the year 2004-05, a copy of the application form / DD must be sent to AICTE immediately for processing of proposal as per the National Calendar.

2. All correspondence related with Architecture programme are to be addressed to AICTE only.

3. The National Calendar framed by AICTE for establishment of new Architecture Institution / Increase in Intake / Extension of approval for the year 2004-05 are to be followed e.g. submission of progress profile, Payment of inspection fee etc. (copy enclosed)

4. All payments should be made to AICTE only and if any payment have been made to COA the copy of the same may be forwarded to AICTE.

Further, all activities related to Architecture programme shall be implemented by AICTE from the year 2004-05 and the institutions henceforth, are not required to approach the Council of Architecture for matters concerning AICTE approval.

Thanking you,

Adviser (UG)