Principal Secretary to Hon’ble PM
PMO, South Block, New Delhi – 110011

Dear Sir,

We are enclosing herewith the following:

  1. Copy of our request of 23.10.2004 to Secretary MoUD about s.11A Public Notice for Metro IT Park in context of news reports about Commonwealth Games Village
  2. Copy of request of 24.10.2004 by MPISG Convener (Education) to PS to Hon’ble Urban Development Minister for proper hearing of s.11A Public Notice for IT Park
  3. Copy of our letter of 24.10.2004 in continuation of that of 23.09.2004 to DDA Chairman about projects started in ridge area without mandatory s.11A process and covered by PIL in which Hon’ble High Court issued notice on 22.09.2004, also referring to news report of 23.10.2004
  4. Letter of MPISG Planner (myself, in personal capacity) of 09/15.09.2004, with reference to which letter of 23.09.2004 was sent to PMO, seeking intervention for protection of s.11A rights.

Despite court judgment that stopped and directed inquiry into Sultangarhi Mega-Housing illegally started in 2002 without s.11A process, identical illegalities continue in pursuit of ad-hoc schemes, unlikely to add up to any efficient or equitable whole and unacceptable for lawlessness and for abetment of undermining statutory mechanisms for public participation in planned development.

In name of Commonwealth Games much such willfulness is underway. PM’s personal intervention in Delhi development on its count inspires some hope and we are writing to urge PMO to restore lawful processes for Delhi’s planned development, as required by Hon’ble President’s interpretation of the mandate of the people as one for restoration of rule of law and Hon’ble PM’s interpretation of NCMP objectives in terms of equity and efficiency.

Yours sincerely

Gita Dewan Verma, MPISG Planner