Shri K.Chakraborty, Deputy Secretary
Lok Sabha Secretariat, Room No.330,
Parliament House Annexe, New Delhi – 110001

Sub: Urgent request for personal hearing by Standing Parliamentary Committee in view of announcement of Master Plan ‘guidelines’ by MoUD on 28.07.03

Dear Sir,

In response to the Standing Parliamentary Committee’s press notice of 22.06.2003 I had submitted on 08.07.2003 my views as a planner about DDA’s functioning and its effect on citizens. I had said the framework for assessment of functioning of DDA must necessarily be its statutory mandate of development according to the Master Plan and effects on citizens must necessarily be examined in terms of what Delhi Master Plan guarantees to them.

Now MoUD has announced Master Plan ‘guidelines’ that are completely contrary to the statutory Master Plan and, effectively, obfuscate the frame of reference for the Standing Parliamentary Committee’s ongoing examination.

I had hoped that after the CBI had done its job of exposing corruption at Master Plan minding levels, the Committee’s examination would ultimately lead to restoring citizens’ Master Plan entitlements denied and infringed by this corruption. The ‘guidelines’, however, skirt accountability about use of public land to condone and legitimize its misuse at cost of citizens’ entitlements.

I am unable to think of any legal basis for such announcement and have written to the Minister to request clarification. A copy of the letter is enclosed.1

Since nearly all the ‘guidelines’ announced are Master Plan violations that I have been objecting to through letters as well as through due process of various Public Notices and court matters and since they have been announced without my techno-legal objections having been addressed, I seek with urgency a personal hearing by the Standing Parliamentary Committee.

Looking forward to hearing from you at the earliest.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely
Gita Dewan Verma

Standing Parliamentary Committee notice,

Decision to examine working of DDA, invitation for opinion/views of public, 25.06.2003

Text of the announcement appearing in Hindustan Times dated 22.06.2003, p.6 is as follows. If interested to join a discussion on responding to this, mail to [email protected]



The Standing Parliamentary Committee on Urban and Rural Development, headed by Shri Chandrakant Khaire, MP have decided to examine various aspects of the working of Delhi Development Authority . As the functioning of Delhi Development Authority affects the residents of Delhi at large, the Committee at their sitting held on 26 May 2003 had decided to invite opinion/views of the public in this regard.

All the interested persons may send five copies of the memoranda containing their opinion/views on the subject to Shri K.Chakraborty, Deputy Secretary, Lok Sabha Secretariat, Room No.330, Parliament House Annexe, New Delhi-110001, in a sealed cover so as to reach him on or before 10 July 2003. The memoranda could also be faxed at Fax No. 23012629.

The memoranda which might be submitted to the Committee will form part of the records of the Committee and would be treated as strictly confidential and the contents thereof may not be divulged to anyone, as such an act would constitute a breach of privelege of the Committee.

Those who are desirous of giving oral evidence before the Committee, besides sending memoranda, are requested to intimate to this effect to Lok Sabha Secretariat well in advance at the above mentioned address.

New Delhi

Dated 13 June 2003