Letter, Public Notice; J-Zone Infringements: CRPF Camp in Mehrauli ridge / GNCTD Liver Institute

Letter to dda vice chairman, 07.09.2003, Ref: GoNCTD s.4(1) Land Acquisition Notice for CRPF Camp in Mehrauli (HT, 06.09.03, p.6) and news report ‘Liver Institute skips over Master Plan

Mr Anil Baijal (IAS)
Vice Chairman, DDA


Ref: GoNCTD s.4(1) Land Acquisition Notice for CRPF Camp in Mehrauli (HT, 06.09.03, p.6) and news report ‘Liver Institute skips over Master Plan’ (Express Newsline, 04.09.03)

Dear Sir,

  1. As per LAA 1894 s.4(1) Public Notice under reference, land is proposed to be acquired for CRPF Camp in Mehrauli village for ‘Planned Development of Delhi’. I have not bothered to verify at the unspecified address details to confirm if this is for existing CRPF Camp to east and south of D-I Vasant Kunj (at least partly in J-Zone) or another CRPF Camp since, in either case, this is in contravention of Master Plan / Zonal Plan. I am enclosing the objection sent to Dy.Secretary (LA) spelling out my contentions in this regard. You are requested:
    1. If I have erred in reading the Master / Zonal Plan, to kindly point out my errors
    2. If I am correct in my reading, but there has been a Plan modification, to provide details of the modification, including monitoring data basis as per Master Plan p.92, CGWA clearance as per proviso to s.6, and date of Public Notice and Gazette Notification as per s.11A
    3. If I am correct in my reading and there has been no Plan modification, to kindly advise GoNCTD to withdraw the Public Notice and please also inquire into the procedural lapse leading to land acquisition proceedings being initiated for use in contravention of the Plan.
  2. With reference to the above-mentioned news report I request clarifications about the following:
    1. Apropos the Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences, CM’s quote that “everything has been cleared and we have been allotted the land”. How is this Institute different, in terms of essentiality assessment requirements, from 291 cases whose reconsideration has been ordered by CM? Considering the site was allotted by DDA for a 200-bed hospital (as per letter no. F.3(84)97-MP/118 dated 15.02.01 to me), essentiality of Liver Institute merits scrutiny.
    2. Apropose swimming pool for handicapped in DDA sports club, the statement that “citing paucity of water, the DDA scaled down its plans”. Why then does Press Tender Notice 13/FO/SWZ/-3-04/NIT (http://www.ddadelhi.com/Images/290803-FO-13.jpg) have at item no.2 “C/o Swimming Pool for Handicapped persons at Sports Complex behind D-II, Vasant Kunj”? Contrary positions in Tender Notice of 29.08.03 and press report of 04.09.03 beg clarification.
    3. Apropos both plots, the statement that you are “not aware of the official status” and “if land use had been changed”. Could you please ascertain and clarify if land use has been changed by due process, something I have been asking since before construction started on these plots? Hon’ble High Court’s in its judgement in WP 4978/2002 ruled that Sultangarhi mega-housing was ‘wholly illegal and beyond jurisdiction’ for precisely this reason and I find it unfortunate that even after that CM functions and tender notices (and now perhaps land acquisition proceedings) continue as before.

In continuation of numerous previous requests w.r.t J-zone infringements, I also request again reports of inquiry sought in the judgement of Hon’ble High Court in WP 4978/2002 as well as of Public Notice process precipitated by that PIL since the more than 1700 responses filed by my clients apply in general terms to all J-zone infringements in the area. These included 130 responses from Arjun Camp, whose residents, evicted from ‘DDA land’ at the same time that CM’s ‘function’ was going on at the Liver institute, also await your response to recent letters on their behalf.

If there is someone else I need to be writing to, please let me know. Thanking you,

Yours sincerely

Gita Dewan Verma / Planner


Mr NN Khanna, Secretary MoUD (with request for details of MoUD approvals to above in J-zone)