Letter, Public Notice; Response to MCD Public Notice (04/06/05)

Asst Commissioner, Central Licensing & Enforcement Cell, MCD

Nigam Bhawan, Hindu College Building, Kashmere Gate

Sub: Your Public Notice published in HT dated 22/05/2005: Application / expression-of-interest

Ref: Our letter of 24/05/20051 and telephone conversation on 31/05/2005

Dear Mr Sharma,

Thank you for your call. We still have reservations about the above Public Notice (cf our letter under reference) and await your letter for further clarification. Meanwhile, since the duration of the Public Notice is about to elapse, we are submitting this application / expression-of-interest for being included in vending committees.

MPISG has been engaging substantively since 2000-2001 in pursuit of the statutory Delhi Master Plan solutions for planned hawking activity and these efforts have also been instrumental in informing the national policy. Several associations of residents in various types of housing and enterprises including informal sector enterprises in various localities (primary stakeholders) and a few broad-based unions, associations, grass-roots NGOs, academics, professionals, etc (secondary/tertiary stakeholders) have been engaging on the synergy platform of MPISG. All MPISG engagements are fully informed by qualified planners.

By considered choice MPISG is not a registered Non-Governmental Organisation. In, specifically, matters including / relating to street vendors, its locus standii has been accepted, among others, in court (cf WP 6980/2002 and CM 3447/2005 in WP 2334/2005) and in references from PMO (2001) and CVC (2004) as well as by the Authority of the DDA (by invitation to hearing of Public Notice of 15/09/02 on 27/01/03, in Board for which MCD Chief Planner was present). Moreover, MPISG in general and the array of Petitioners in WP 6980/2002 (MPISG&Ors v/s DDA & Ar) in particular adequately covers the ‘NGO’ component in the composition of vending committees as contemplated in the National Policy approved by cabinet in January 2004, viz: “4.2.2. The Town Vending Committee / Ward Vending Committee would be composed of representatives of hawkers, planners, police, local councilors, resident welfare associations, trader associations and municipal functionaries”

Accordingly, we seek:

  1. Inclusion of MPISG in the Town Vending Committee for Delhi
  2. In Vasant Kunj / Mehrauli-Mahipalpur area:
    • (a) Appointment of Petitioners in WP 6980/2002 / their MPISG counterparts to Ward Vending Committee;
    • (b) Pending clarifications sought / disposal of WP 6980/2002, in view of National Policy reference to Delhi Master Plan, exclusion from WVC of NGO/private entities with less engagement / contrary views
    • (c) In continuation of requests since 2001 apropos harassment, etc, priority processing of this application and appropriate communication about it to governmental entities contemplated on the committee.
    • Names of said Petitioners / MPISG counterparts are as follows (Petitioners’ names are underlined):

MPISG groups | Conveners | Co-Conveners

Hawkers’ associations: | Mr Badri Prasad (Convener, VK Rehri Patri Vyapari Ekta Manch) | Mr Gopal Dahal (west-side); Mr Dhanraj Mandal (central); Mr Sunil Kumar (east-side)

Flat residents’ associations: | Ms Prabha Chand (Former President B-9 Extn RWA) | Ms Varsha Sharma (west); Ms Smita Makhija (central); Ms Minoo Varma (east-side)

Village residents’ / traders’ associations: | Mr Shiv Narayan (President, Mahipalpur Gram Sewa Samiti) | Mr Ajit Singh (Social Worker, Masudpur)

Basti residents’ associations: | Mr Samay Singh (Adhyaksh, Samudayik Vikas Samiti RP Malakpur Kohi) | Ms Gulab (old bastis); Ms Tulsi (CSP clusters)

Professionals (area residents): | Mr Neehar Raina, Architect (AKAA awardee) | Mr K G Gopalkrishnan, Advocate | Ms Gita Dewan Verma, Planner

The above address, etc, can be used for communication. Should any further detail be required, please let us know.

Your sincerely


(on behalf of all above-named) MPISG Planner

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