Letter, Public Notice; Letter of 24.10.2004

PS to Hon’ble Minister for Urban Development

Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi - 110011

Sub: Request for proper hearing of s.11A response to Public Notice for Metro IT Park on riverbed

Ref: Our letter of 28.07.04 (forwarded to you by OSD to NAC vide letter No.635/D/OSD/NAC/2004 of 24/26.08.04 and to Secretary MoUD by President’s Secretariat as per P-1/C-82331 of 03.08.04), enclosing letter of 07.07.04 (forwarded by CVC to CVO DDA as per letter No.3384/04/Vig.VIII-4996)

Dear Sir,

We have been seeking since 2000 enforcement of Delhi Master Plan provisions for equal access neighbourhood schools, including in our response to s.11A Public Notice for a scheme in the ridge area, response to Standing Parliamentary Committee notice inviting views on DDA after DDA scam and PIL of 2003 (in which reply is being delayed and we face another adjournment on 27.10.04, etc).

One issue we have consistently raised is impact on school education of demolitions for / resettlement in schemes in violation of Delhi Master Plan, as in our letters under reference about demolition on 27.07.04 of a school for the non-rich in vicinity of Sultangarhi Scheme and on 29.07.04 in Lal Khet for Malls / Biodiversity Park scheme (with resettlement in Bawana where children have reportedly died and, in any case, been denied schooling options they are entitled to).

The schemes ‘benefitting’ from these demolitions were among those already challenged in another of our PIL since 2003, in which High Court was finally able to issue notice on 22.09.04. Work on them has not stopped. Nor has any action been taken on our letters under reference.

In this context, and having raised similar issues about Pushta, we filed on 14.10.04 response to s.11A Public Notice for metro IT Park (enclosed1), enclosing our letters under reference, etc

Since then there have been news reports of:

  1. plans to merge / close government schools and reduce standards for school sites (with, despite our PIL, no reference to Master Plan violations that these ideas involve)
  2. plans to open to public in a year the Biodiversity Park (covered by our PIL, with notice issued)
  3. continuing construction on metro IT Park and the view that Supreme Court refusal to give stay in Akshardham clears all doubts also about Games Village (with doubts about riverbed projects raised through IT Park Public Notice not having been cleared)

We regret to say that unchanged unlawful priorities and ways of MoUD/DDA seem to bear no relation, besides to Delhi Master Plan despite their statutory responsibilities, to National Common Minimum Programme commitments for education. We believe that more than, and before, resources for education we need to stop tolerating willful violation of existing education rights of our children.

We seek MoUD intervention according to law on the foregoing. In particular, we seek proper hearing of IT Park Public Notice – at the earliest, also so that neither shadow of doubt nor taste of bitterness mar the pride that we hope our children will take in 2010 in the efforts that we make now. Thanking you,

Yours sincerely

(for Hoti Lal, PISG ConveMnor – Education)


Offices of President, NAC Chairperson, and CVC (for information wrt letters under reference)

  • 1. source: http://plan.architexturez.net/site/dmp2021/ncmp/i/mpd/040918/r/hotilal