Response to Mall Road Public Notice

Principal Commissioner-cum-Secretary

Delhi Development Authority, B Block, Vikas Sadan, New Delhi - 110023

Sub: Public Notice F.20(2)2000/MP/PART-IV dated 19/12/2004: RESPONSE


Vide the Public Notice under reference “It is proposed to change the land use of an area measuring 3.05 ha in zone ‘C’ bounded by Mall Road in the North, Chattra Marg in the West, Cavalry lane in the East and Public and Semi Public use zone in the South from ‘Public and Semi Public’ to ‘Residential’.”

In case the land use change is proposed for “metro property development”, we object on grounds of:

  • “metro property development” not being a use zone / use premise / use activity in Delhi Master Plan.
  • inconsistency between DMRC approach of residential development by private developers and Master Plan / land policy prohibitions against such development, which makes land use change for it u/s.11A untenable
  • excessive such development in the area, including, besides this proposal of 3 Ha, (presumably different) 3 Ha at Vishwavidyalya MRTS station for which DMRC has issued on 18/12/2004 Tender Notice (for devlopment whose details are available in a RFP document for non-refundable amount of Rs.25,000/-), besides 10 Ha at Khyber Pass (for which land use was proposed to be changed, despite Master Plan prohibition, from District Park vide Public Notice of December 2002, issued after DMRC/builder project on 8 Ha had already started)
  • prior s.11A Public Notices (of December 2002, April 2004 and September 2004) to allow / regularise “metro property development” awaiting disposal
  • our request for a-priori disposal of s.11A Public Notice of 18/09/2004 to regularize “metro property development”, including residential, at Shastri Park on the riverbed – forwarded for appropriate action by Hon’ble President of India to Secretary MoUD as per letter no.P1/D-77077 dated 13/12/2004 from President’s Secretariat, forwarding obviously disregarded by this Public Notice of 19/12/2004.

We would like this response to be considered part of responses to Public Notice of 18/09/2004 and a-priori disposal of that as per request forwarded by President and now also for restoring confidence in seriousness about Public Notice process before Public Notice for Delhi Master Plan 2021 is issued.

In case the land use change is not proposed for “metro property development”, we suggest that residential land be used for EWS housing since nearly 10,000 EWS plots required to be developed in C-Zone as per mandatory Master Plan targets have not been developed and this backlog calls for highest priority not only in terms of land policy but also the “urgency” about Pushta clearance. In view of DMRC having reportedly approached High Court in latter half of December 2004 for directions for encroachment removal around Shastri Park, we also seek clear directions against any Pushta evictions / resettlement till disposal of this and Shastri Park Public Notices.

all sd/-

Gita Dewan Verma, MPISG Planner

Rajinder, Convener - Housing

Ashok, Convenor - Resettlement

Nizamuddin, Convener - Riverbed

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