REGD.NO. D.L.-33004/99



(No.963) NEW DELHI, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 2004/KARTIKA 14, 1926



New Delhi, the 4th November, 2004

SO 1246(E). – The following modifications which the Central Government propose to make in the Master Plan for Delhi-2001 are hereby published for public information. Any person having any objection or suggestion may send the same in writing to the Under Secretary, Delhi Division, Ministry of Urban Development, Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi – 110011 within a period of 30 days from the date of this notice. The person making the objection or suggestions should also give his name and address.


The following is proposed to be added after (3) ‘Shamapur Badli – Extensive Industrial Area’ on left hand side of page-125 of Gazette of India (Extraordinary) dated 1-8-90 (Master Plan for Delhi-2001). “Non-conforming clusters of industrial concentration of minimum 4 Ha. Contiguous area, having more than 70% plots within cluster under manufacturing activity/use may be considered for redevelopment on the basis of surveys and issue of notification by the Industry Department of Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi. The redevelopment scheme shall be prepared by the concerned land owning Agency/Society (to be formed by the owners) with the approval of the MCD / DDA subject to statutory clearances of Environment and other competent Agencies and based on the following norms and conditions.

(i) It should have direct approach from a road of at least 18 M ROW.

(ii) Formation of Society shall be mandatory for preparation of redevelopment plan, pollution control and environmental management, development of services and parking and maintenance

(iii) Only non-hazardous and non-noxious industries having clearance from DPCC shall be permitted.

(iv) Floor area and industrial activity at premise level shall not exceed 200 sq.m.

(v) Other stipulations shall include:-

  • Minimum 10% area is to be reserved for circulation / roads / service lanes
  • Plots measuring less than 100 sq.m. to have minimum 7.5 mtrs ROW
  • Plots measuring more than 100 sq.m. to have minimum 9.0 mtrs. ROW
  • Minimum 10% semi-permeable surface for parking and loading/unloading areas.
  • Common parking to be provided for plots below 60 sq.m., whereas for plots above 60 sq.m. front set back (min 3 m) shall be provided without boundary wall for parking and loading and unloading
  • Minimum 10% of the total area to be reserved for infrastructure requirements like CEPT, sub-stations, Pump House, Fire Station, Police Post, etc, as per the norms and preparation of:

    (i) Plan for water supply from DJB along with requirement for pumping stations, storage tanks, ground water recharging / rainwater harvesting

    (ii) Drainage plans as per MCD norms

(vi) 8% of the cluster area shall be reserved for parks / green buffer

(vii) Other provisions / development control norms etc. shall be applicable as per provisions of MPD 2001.

The following areas shall not be eligible for redevelopment scheme:- Bungalow Zones (New Delhi and Civil Lines), the Ridge, River Bed (Zone-O), areas along water bodies, canals, sensitive areas from security point of view, conservation and heritage areas, reserved / protected forests, DDA flats, private co-operative group housing societies, Government flats / Bungalows / Employer housing etc. and their immediate proximity.

The redevelopment work shall be undertaken by the societies at their own cost. Requisite charges for change in land use , enhanced FAR and land (wherever applicable) will be required to be paid to the concerned Authority.

The redevelopment shall be completed within the period specified by the Delhi Development Authority in this regard. Clusters which fail to complete the redevelopment proposals within the period specified above, shall have to shift to other conforming industrial areas and the units functioning in non-conforming clusters shall have to close down. In such cases, the licensing authority will not renew / issue the licenses to industrial without obtaining land use clearance from the competent Authority. Further no new licenses will be issued in non-conforming areas, without obtaining land use clearance.”

[No. K-13011/5/2000-DIB]

S MUKHERJEE, Under Secy.

Davp 3481(23)2004