Proposal for a meeting in mid-August about school education in and around Vasant Kunj

Dear Madam / Sir,

Citizens groups from flats, villages and bastis in and around Vasant Kunj have been making efforts in pursuit of the equal access neighbourhood school system that Delhi Master Plan (DMP) provisions / conditions for school sites add up to. This system provides legal strength to consensus on Common School System (CSS) as well as potential for most efficiently absorbing budget provisions for education for universalization of education.

We believe that the High Court order of January 2004 about 25% free seats provides sterling opportunity for progressive implementation of CSS and difficulties are being faced in compliance only because the free seats condition is being viewed in isolation from its DMP CSS context (which does allow reasonable flexibilities).

For Vasant Kunj we filed in December 2003 PIL for enforcement of statutory DMP CSS, bringing to the attention of the court its violations by government (in allotments and permissions) and schools (of allotment conditions, etc). Our PIL, however, are not targeted at individual violations but at rectifying their cumulative detrimental impact, which we believe was not intentional and all desire to rectify.

In context of our PIL and of experiences about free seats, we propose a meeting in mid-August to discuss DMP CSS in Vasant Kunj, for which we invite you and your colleagues. We would appreciate confirmation and suggestions and look forward to hearing from you at the earliest.

Yours sincerely

Gita Dewan Verma | MPISG Planner