Letter to President from Hoti Lal, convener RPVEAM (petitioner in WP 8955/2003)

Dated 02/02/2005, translated text without enclosures; forwarded to Chief Secretary GNCTD for appropriate action as per President Secretariat’s letter P2-1067458 of 04.02.2005

Respected Rashtrapati ji, 

About children, education, social transformation and Bihar on the occasion of Republic Day

We are grateful for your words about education and social transformation on Republic Day and for your concern about children in Bihar. At the same time we wonder who can stop the nation from becoming Bihar when government in the Capital itself has made the Constitution kneel before the land-mafia.

On 03.08.04 you had forwarded for action, yet to be taken, our letter of 28.07.04 about the demolition of Modern Public School here. The threat to this as well as MCD school from the Sultangarhi scheme that the court had stopped and ordered inquiry into in 2002 was a point in our objection of 10.10.02 in response to the Public Notice for it. Such instances were also mentioned in our response of 14.10.04 to Public Notice for illegal IT Park and request of 24.10.04 for hearing of it. On 27.10.04 in our PIL for the Delhi Master Plan equal education system the Court directed stopping in 12 weeks of violations getting in its way. Despite court order of 2002 and Public Notice objections as well as notice in a fresh matter, work re-started in Sultangarhi in ridge area here and after our demand of 08.12.04 for stopping work continuing regardless of Public Notice objections on IT Park was forwarded as per your Secretariat’s letter of 13.12.04, DMRC went to court for encroachment removal from around it. Across the IT Park, from where children who died in Bawana due to lack of facilities had been evicted, MCD upgraded their tented school to pucca structure and gave it a multi-national organisation that carries out propaganda against the Master Plan. When the court directed LG to treat DMRC’s petition as a representation and decide on it in a month, on 26.12.04 we sent him a representation for ‘exemplary demolition’ of the IT Park. Standing Parliamentary Committee on inspection visit to Vasant Kunj on 05.01.05 said we would be heard and government’s ‘bhagidaars’ made contrary demands, including Sultangarhi, from the Committee. An expert ‘bhagidaar’, who runs an architecture college amidst illegal farmhouses (like Sultangarhi scheme) in a building made by a builder in name of a Tulsi Vidya Bharti school (like Modern Public School), even pushed the Sultangarhi ‘proposal’ into the Master Plan. The ministry put this violater into an expert committee in a Supreme Court matter. On 10.01.05 the revised Plan was approved. On 11.05.05 Delhi government forwarded our letters of 21-22.11.04 about Sultangarhi and farmhouses and for expediting reply in the fresh matter to other respondents to reply to us directly. On 19.01.05 we wrote to you about our schools’ PIL. Dismissing our requests, on Republic Day Delhi government re-announced its illegal idea of 20% free seats for BPL in lieu of equal education and LG endorsed all this ‘bhagidaari’ and the Plan revision and said the 20-year Plan will be monitored in 5 years.

Whether the questions of children that have been raised for 5 years by constitutional processes will be able to survive another 5 years the ‘bhagidaari’ loot of their land for schools and ridge and river and whether social transformation amidst such anarchy will improve the future of children or the present of the bhagidaars are also concerns that beg, after finding all other routes closed, your attention. Hearing on this is requested.

Jai Hind


Hoti Lal

S-171/194, Rangpuri Pahari, New Delhi

Enclosed: Above-mentioned letters