Letter, Court Matter; Letter to GNCTD Education Director (09/03/2005)

With reference to Public Notice about free seats in context of GNCTD forwarding of letter of 03/02/2005, court order and matters in court

Mr Vijay Kumar
Director of Education,
GNCTD Directorate of Education (Act Branch) Room No.212-A, Old Secretariat, Delhi

Sub: WP 8954-59/2003 and WP 15436-39/2004

GNCTD Under Secretary (UD) letter F.No.13/84/2003/UD/MB/18348 dated 23/02/2005
Public Notice No.DE-15 (Act)/2005/3476 dt 04/03/05 published in Hindustan Times of 09/03/05

Dear Sir,

  1. The letter of 23/02/05 under reference, addressed to you at no.3, forwards (for appropriate action at your end and ATR to us) our letter of 03/02/05 that included our letter of 28/12/04 (both in context of Order of 27/10/04 in our PIL WP 8954-59/2003). Our letter of 28/12/04 sought measures for implementing Delhi Master Plan (DMP) common school system and public notice to inform all applying for admissions of implications of our PIL. Our letter of 03/02/05 asked further that fact of non-compliance of Order in our PIL be placed in court for it to judge bonafide of further free-seats litigation since our contention is that the free-seats condition cannot be enforced in isolation from its statutory DMP context, ie, without rectification of violations (largely on account of GNCTD’s illegal permissions, etc) that the Order had directed stopped in 12 weeks.
  2. We received the letter of 23/02/05 on 28/02/05. Meanwhile, we had also written on 07/02/04 in response to a letter from Dy Director (SW) and on 09/02/05 with reference to further news reports of the free seats litigation and, after more media reports, on 28/02/05 filed application for intervention in WP15436-39/2004. The same has not yet been listed, but our counsel tells us it was mentioned on 02/03/05 and copy handed to your counsel.
  3. We have not received ATR about our communications in context of Order of 27/10/2004 and the Public Notice under reference disregards it (and perhaps also current matters). We now seek:
    • (1) Details of GNCTD liaison mechanism for freeships since the Public Notice under reference mentions only the complaint-redress mechanism (or, rather, officer in charge thereof)
    • (2) List of Vasant Kunj schools (with name of school and trust, particulars of GNCTD essentiality-certificate and upgradation permission and class-wise total, local and free enrolment, etc)
    • (3) Meeting, called by your department, with schools for discussion of progressive implementation of the DMP scheme in a manner that is non-adversarial and to reasonable comfort of all.

We hope that you will reply to this letter expeditiously. Thanking you,

Yours sincerely


Gita Dewan Verma | MPISG Planner

cc: (for information wrt prior communications in context of Order of 27/10/2004)

  • Chief Secretary GNCTD
  • Dy Director Education (SW)
  • Vasant Kunj schools, as per eml of 22/02/05

Text of Public Notice published in Hindustan Times, 09.03.2005, p.2





No. DE-15 (Act)/2005/3476

Date: 04/03/05


All recognized Un-aided schools of Delhi were directed to grant minimum 20% (Twenty Percent) freeships (which includes tuition fee, PTA or any other fee / funds / charges of any kind relating to teaching / learning) to the children of the weaker sections of the society as per income criteria specified in order dated 27/4/04.

Below Poverty Line and ANTODAYA Ration Cards issued by the Food and Supplies Deptt., Govt of NCT of Delhi shall also be eligible as a proof of income for availing this facility.

Dy. directors of Education of concerned districts have been designated as Liaison Officer of the District, and are to liaison between the aspirant parent and the schools. (He/she is to monitor complaints, if any and dispose them to the best of the satisfaction of the parent and the schools). This freeship shall be applicable for all future admissions in every academic session and the criteria for the admissions and other guidelines shall remain the same as issued vide order dated 27/4/04.