Vice Chairman, DDA


As per news reports, DDA’s Authority has approved a DMP-2021 proposal (private participation in housing and land development), without disposal of Public Notice and with a different ‘scheme’. No expert named in DMP-2021 is quoted (not counting generalist KT Ravindran, now urging “enough housing for middle-class and other sections” in context of privatization!) and we are left to wonder about anomalies such as why 12-15 lakh private units by 2021 are claimed when DMP-2021 envisages in all only 42% of its 24 lakh estimate in form of new group housing, why a song and dance is being made about EWS/LIG housing by private sector even as DMP-2021 does not make this mandatory, why apropos zonal/layout plans speeding up and not imperatives of DMP-2021 alternatives for private participation without direct role in EWS/LIG supply is mentioned, etc.

This ‘scheme’ for purported benefit of private sector and housing (including EWS/LIG) is out of DMP context and patently flawed. Integrating EWS/LIG at the 10 Ha (about 15000 population) stipulated as minimum is not viable and DMP-2021 even favours Zonal level over community (1 lakh) level favored by DMP-2001; idea of 35% 25-40 sqm flats to be made over to DDA defies lessons from failure of 25% EWS / 20% NPNL units in Haryana-model; rationale for 50% EWS flats in each cooperative project (‘reduce the wide gap between pre-determined rates and the market rates of plots - thereby reducing corrupt practices’) is tenuous. Indeed, if EWS/LIG housing was likely in such ways, you would have gladly implemented your predecessor’s claim in WP 5007&09/2002 about it in Sultangarhi mega-housing, which also would not be coming up there before Zonal plan despite WP 4978/2002 and 1700 s.11A objections and could be coming up on Zonal housing land where Aravali Biodiversity Park is coming up despite WP 8523/2003 with cross-subsidised housing on layout plan EWS site still under infamous Sahara Restaurant despite WP 5007&09/2002; and you would have gladly enforced s.11A suggestions for linking Zonal backlog on DMP-2001 targets for EWS housing to metro property development and also restrained DMRC from (currently, despite WP 6500/2003) inviting bids for 15 Ha of riverbed in contempt of the very order of 03/03/03 for compliance of which order of 03/05/05 has made you responsible for evicting EWS/LIG without housing. In Sultangarhi mega-housing and metro property development private participation is already underway and our related suggestions for EWS/LIG housing, also reiterated in response to DMP-2021 Public Notice, merit action now for confidence in the (less robust) ‘scheme’ just approved!

Reportedly the Authority also considered dispensing with Public Notice safeguard / empowering your office to make DMP modifications (it is hoped with responsibilities for errors and costs as being borne by Vasant Kunj Mall-makers for pre-mix construction on unplanned plots un-serviced by legal water or by AlCon for surreptitious laying of electricity line to Sultangarhi mega-housing). Perhaps the same presumption of wisdom greater than all people explains failure to consider responses to Public Notice for DMP-2021, that relies heavily on private sector, before issuing this ad-hoc approval that also belies PM’s coincident address to US Congress that dwelled on durable reform and assuaging doubts (while the Authority publicized in support of government’s decision to allow 100% FDI in real estate an approval to confound investors) and democracy and Rule of Law (while the Authority did this in pendency / disregard of the democratic and lawful process for participation on it).

Pertaining, as it does, to a DMP-2021 proposal for paradigm shift and to housing (most substantive part of any Plan), this approval thwarts due process of DMP-2021 Public Notice and replies to responses filed thereto are requested, as are reports on Public Notices for Sultangarhi mega-housing (wrt WP 8523/2003 and 5007&09/2002) and metro property development (wrt WP 6500/2005).


Gita Dewan Verma, MPISG Planner

cc: for favour of information, LG/DDA Chairman

To support planned development. To oppose unplanned development. To protect our future.

News reports123456

  • 1. DDA prepares blueprint for FDI in housing (Express Newsline, 19/07/05)
    Esha Roy

    DELHI Development Authority has been working on a policy to introduce Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to land development and housing. The government has now allowed FDI up to 100 per cent “under the automatic route” in townships, housing, built-up infrastructure and construction development projects. The details of the policy will be discussed at a high-level meeting tomorrow which will look at bringing in an amendment in the DDA Act to allow FDI among other issues. DDA officials point out that the involvement of private players which includes foreign parties, has already begun in Mumbai where companies from the US and Dubai have been involved in the housing sector.


  • 2. DDA turns a deaf ear to suggestions on land use (The Hindu, 19/07/05)

    Gaurav Vivek Bhatnagar

    NEW DELHI: The Delhi Development Authority has conveniently ignored suggestions made by its four political members as also the Secretary to the Lieutenant-Governor and the Chief Secretary of Delhi on the issue of "Alternative Model of Land Assembly and Development'' and "Involvement of Private Sector in Housing'' at its last meeting and will be re-presenting the item in the original form at its meeting due this Tuesday. (Retrieved 19th August, 2013)

  • 3. Big role now for private sector in public housing projects (Hindu, Front Page, 20/07/05)

    Gaurav Vivek Bhatnagar

    NEW DELHI: Paving the way for "high-class" residential housing development as seen in neighbouring Gurgaon, Noida, Greater Noida and even Ghaziabad of late, the Delhi Development Authority on Tuesday approved in principle the participation of private sector in mega housing projects across the Capital. The decision was taken at a meeting chaired by the Lieutenant-Governor of Delhi, B. L. Joshi, at Raj Nivas. Announcing the decision, DDA Vice-Chairman Madhukar Gupta said as per the Foreign Direct Investment policy of the Centre, the private sector would be involved in construction involving a minimum area of 10 hectares or 50,000 square metres of built-up area or their multiples. With this, the focus would now shift from plotted development to built-up development. (Retrieved 19th August, 2013)

  • 4. Private players set to play major role in housing sector (Hindu, 20/07/05)

    Staff Reporter

    NEW DELHI: The Delhi Development Authority has proposed a number of steps for facilitating private participation in construction of mega housing projects in the Capital. The private sector is all set to play a major role in supplementing housing construction in Delhi in order to meet the residential needs of an additional 90 lakh people due to make the Capital their home by 2021. Outlining the details, the Vice-Chairman of DDA, Madhukar Gupta, said since often projects get delayed to lack of zonal plans, efforts are being made to prepare these plans by the end of the year to coincide with the notification of the Master Plan 2021 of which the scheme is a part. Alongside DDA would be setting a time limit for provision of peripheral infrastructure and a committee or monitoring body would be formed before the plan takes shape. (Retrieved 19th August, 2013)

  • 5. Housing opened to pvt sector (Daily Pioneer, 20/07/05)

    Staff Reporter/ New Delhi

    Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has agreed in principle for the private sector participation in housing. In a high-level meeting chaired by Lt Governor BL Joshi on Tuesday, the authority gave its nod for the involvement of the private sector. The DDA would be in a position to finalise the policy in this regard and the decision of the authority has been sent to the Urban Development Ministry (UDM) for its approval. The meeting also proposed the setting up of a unified committee to grant no objection certificates to the developer from the concerned agencies.

    Announcing the decision, DDA Vice-Chairman Madhukar Gupta said that after the Union Government gave its consent for the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the housing sector, there were visitors from United States, Malayasia and Singapore interested in the housing sector. Taking into consideration the projected need of the housing in the Master Plan of Delhi (MPD)-2021, the Capital will need 24 lakh dwelling units. While the DDA will construct about 12 to 15 lakh units, the rest has to be supplemented by the private sector. Keeping in view the fact that MPD-2021 has projected that 50 per cent dwelling units will be in the form two rooms set requirement. Similarly, a minimum of 35 per cent dwelling units in a group housing society will also be a two-room flat or below.

    The construction of such group housing societies would be allowed under the supervision of the DDA. The developers and society owners would be required to pay external development charges for conversion of land usage. It is to be seen that basic considerations are met in the development and the internal facilities are as per the norms. The developer will have to complete the project under a stipulated period of three years.

    The internal services provided by the developer must have approval of the concerned civic agencies and necessary community services should be there as per the recommendations of the MPD-2021, Mr Gupta said that the private sector would be involved directly in housing ventures on lands acquired and developed by the DDA and this would be in addition to housing activity to be undertaken through cooperative group housing societies. As per proposal, private developers have been given more space for land development and housing.

    The private developer will provide minimum of 35 per cent of dwelling units for low-income groups and economically weaker sections categories (two-room sets) which shall be handed over to the DDA either free of cost or at a pre-determined price.

    The developer shall provide internal roads, services, infrastructure, parks and parking facilities as per planning norms or approved lay out plan, he added.

    The developer shall not be permitted to sell or make agreement to sell underdeveloped parties where roads, water supply, street lighting, drainage, sewerage and other conveniences as applicable under prescribed regulations have not be made available.

    The involvement of the private sector in housing could be either through a joint venture between the DDA and the concerned developer through a formation of a special purpose vehicle. As far as cooperative group housing is concerned, they will have to construct an equivalent number of single-room for economic weaker section peoples. This would mean that they would be required to purchase from the DDA additional land for this purchase and such dwellings should be given back to the DDA free of cost for being utilised against the economically weaker sections people, Mr Gupta added.

  • 6. DDA opens land planning, housing to private sector (Asian Age, 20/07/05)

    By Our Correspondent

    New Delhi, July 19: The Delhi development authority (DDA) on Monday "in principle" gave the nod to direct participation of the private sector in land development and housing. About half of the dwelling units as per the projected population in the forthcoming master plan of Delhi 2021 in effect would be built by the private bidders. The guidelines for the direct participation of the private players is expected to be ready by the year end. The "in principle" approval of the proposal came after a meeting in the morning which was chaired by the Lieutenant-Governor B.L. Joshi and attended by the Delhi chief secretary S. Regunathan, DDA members and top officials. The approval comes close on the heels of the Central government’s decision to allow hundred per cent FDI in housing recently.

    The private developers will have to develop a minimum of 35 per cent dwelling units for the economically weaker section which shall be handed over to the DDA free of cost or at a pre determined cost. The internal structures like the parks, etc in the adjoining areas though will have to be built in consultation with the concerned agencies. As per the projections of the MPD 2021 about 20 to 24 lakh dwelling units are to be constructed by the DDA of which about 12 to 15 lakhs could be netted by the private players.

    Mr Joshi has also directed the DDA to submit the zonal plans for areas like Bhalaswa, Jahangirpuri and Narela to facilitate projects, said sources. Bhalaswa and Ramgarh areas have also been taken out of the purview of development area implying that the ban on construction activities since these areas were included in 1975 comes to an end and the areas will be handed over to the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, said the DDA member Jile Singh Chauhan after the meeting. In a separate move the DDA plans to send a delegation to Hyderabad to facilitate construction of dams opposite Jagatpur village near Wazirabad and Okhla on the lines of Hussain Sagar dam in Hyderabad.