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From: Jack Kennedy <[email protected]>
To: "'[email protected]'"
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CC: "Romi Khosla (E-mail)" <[email protected]>
Subject: Aga Khan Award for Architecture
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 14:19:42 +0200

Geneva, 23rd April 2004

Dear Ms. Dewan Verma,

Many thanks for your e-mail and your interest in the
activities of the Aga
Khan Award for Architecture. My colleagues and I
will be travelling to India
soon for a short visit and would be interested to
meet you and to discuss
your concerns about the previous Aga Khan
Award-winning projects in India
and other countries. We will be staying in Delhi on
5th and 6th May. May I
ask you kindly to contact Mr. Romi Khosla, who is a
long-time associate of
the Award and is helping us to arrange meetings with
various professionals
during our visit. If the dates of 5th & 6th May are
not convenient for you,
we can surely arrange another time during the course
of our forthcoming
visits to India, which will be frequent this year.

Mr. Romi Khosla
C-9 Maharani Bagh
New Delhi 110 065
Office: (91.11) 2683.7015
E-Mail: [email protected]

With kind regards,

Jack Kennedy
The Aga Khan Award for Architecture

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From: Gita Dewan Verma
[mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 14 April 2004 17:08
To: [email protected]
Subject: AKAA Award Ceremony in India, previous
Awards in India

Dear Mr Kennedy,

As per media reports in India the Award ceremony for
AKAA 2004 will be held in Agra Fort in India.

There remain some outstanding clarifications about
Indian projects honoured in the last three cycles,
viz, Aranya low-income housing in Indore (largely
built to date), Slum Networking in Indore
by the official impact study prior to the Award as
being a civic disaster), and Barefoot College at
Tilonia (where AKAA left out the architect of the
project from its honour and, to date, from the prize

The award for Slum Networking - an approach of
riverfront slum development for slum-free cities -
calls for further clarification in view also of
ongoing massive evictions (at instance of the same
Ministry that has announced the AKAA Award Ceremony
India), of riverfront slums for making the city slum
free. Other joint initiatives of said Ministry and
Foundation have also involved evictions in a manner
inconsistent with AKAA for low-income housing / slum
projects in India. That the illusion of antipathy
between heritage and slum interventions should
despite close involvement in both of the Foundation
well as aid agencies working closely with it is
unfortunate, especially since sovereign law in India
adequately provides for conflict resolution.

Reiterating the suggestion made previously to the
Foundation to incorporate in its selection
opportunity for local public comment to offset any
possibility of nomination, jury, etc, errors, it is
requested that prior to holding an award ceremony in
India the Foundation clarify its views on
expressed about its prior awards for Indian

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely

Gita Dewan Verma / Planner

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