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Sub: Feedback on the article “Rouse Avenue facelift: In 5 yrs, 350 houses, flats demolishedDelhi Newsline, The Indian Express
Dear Sir,
This is apropos the article “Rouse Avenue facelift: In 5 yrs, 350 houses, flats demolished” by Gopal Sathe in today’s Delhi Newsline section of the Indian Express wherein Mr. M. M. Rana is quoted and referred to as a Conservation Architect.
Mr. M. M. Rana is an eminent architect of this city and his interest in the built heritage of New Delhi is very well appreciated. However, he is not a Conservation Architect.
I have previously also written to you in this regard when a similar error was committed in another Delhi Newsline article “New Delhi Story IV: Road Royale” by Ravleen Kaur dated 28 July ’06 wherein Mr. M. M. Rana and Mr. A. G. K. Menon were similarly referred to as Conservation Architects against professional
propriety. Therefore, it is disappointing to note that inaccurate information continues to find space in your columns despite being brought to your notice.
I reiterate that a Conservation Architect is an architect who undergoes specialized technical training in conservation of built heritage and is a professional sector distinct from general architectural practice. The two cannot be equated at all.
Conservation of Built Heritage is an upcoming professional domain and needs all your support to be presented as so. This support
towards professionalism is required all the more because of a highly romanticized public notion of built heritage that further percolates into actions for its protection and management only to affect it adversely.
I am an avid reader of your newspaper and associate you with certain high standards of journalism. I can only hope that you and your reporting staff shall be more considerate of this in your future endeavours.  
With best wishes,

Yours truly,

Shubhru Gupta
Conservation Architect, and
Member, Conservation Architects Society, CONSARCHS (Regd)

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