The Master Plan �guidelines� of 2003 are the same as
�recommendations� of 1999, being implemented illegally
ever since. It is two weeks since they were
unconstitutionally announced and over a week since
they were illegally opened to �consultation� with DDA
�inviting� comments and suggestions.

(Critical) comments / suggestions / objections
consistently sent about them by hundreds since 2000
via legal and democratic Public Notice processes,
court matters, response to Standing Parliamentary
Committee�s invitation in the wake of the �DDA scam�,
etc, however, remain unanswered.

The �guidelines�, being touted as �new� Master Plan,
seem poised to illegally become law by some
�consensus�. It matters less if this is timed with
forthcoming elections or Cancun and more that it is no
longer about subversion of planned development but
about subversion of law and the Constitution.

This is to make two requests in Independence Day week�

1. Please do what you can to point out the
�guidelines� are unconstitutional and discourse on
them illegal, irresponsible and undemocratic.
2. Please write to demand answers in response to any
prior engagement on Plan entitlements (especially
through legal, judicial or Parliamentary processes).

Gita Dewan Verma / Planner / 10.08.2003

(The mailing list at and the
Delhi Master Plan 2021 Minder accessible from can be used to post
anything consistent with the entitlement�s perspective
of planned development)


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