Last month there was a Public Notice for land
acquisition for CRPF camp near Mehrauli, an area that
is part of south-central ridge, designated Regional
Park in the Master Plan. Objection to the Public
Notice on grounds of it being for acquisition for a
purpose illegal under the Plan was sent. At least two
objections were subsequently filed by citizens’ groups in
the area, but they faced filing problems for not being affected
landowners and the map showing location was not made
available for scrutiny.

On 25.09.03 DERC hearing on NDPL license was held. I
was invited as I had written to DERC in December 2002
about some DISTCOM activities/proposals being illegal
under Delhi Development Act / Master Plan. The next
day newspapers reported CAG’s findings about power
privatization, now become election issue. As far as I
know there has been no news of licenses being
finalized. Public Notice was issued last year for
comment on DISTCOM drafts and 'stakeholder' hearings
held in May (to which slum residents who had responded
as draft licenses made no reference to single point
contracting were not invited). Tariff was revised
thereafter without Public Notice on DERC's revised
tariff order and now licenses are being finalized,
again without any DERC document having been put to
Public Notice. This procedure seems odd and no
clarification was forthcoming about it at the hearing.


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